Thanks to the continuous development of dedicated technology, Varvel today is recognised as leader in the world of gearboxes for machine tools and relevant applications.

Versatile and adaptable, Varvel gearboxes are easy to integrate into the NC machine tools needed for modern industrial production, and are also ideal for the precision control and coordination of axis movement in machining centres.

Varvel gearboxes are used in many different contexts including most common applications for material cutting, sheet metal processing, welding and chip removal, etc..

Varvel gearboxes conform to the high standards of reliability, safety, precision and quality required in all stages of production and assembly as indispensable for satisfying the needs of today’s market.

Varvel gearboxes can also be coupled directly to the latest generation of electric motors (including brushless and stepper motors, etc.). This makes Varvel the ideal partner for all machine tool manufacturers in search of a long term partner for technology development.