Azienda Varvel

Since 1955, the Varvel Group has been making gearboxes and variators for light industry applications. A reliable international partner that offers customized solutions in accordance with a strict set of socially responsible guidelines.

Modularity and flexibility lead Varvel in the design of gearboxes and variators as well as in the production of a unique kit form, common to all gearbox series. This modularity-based feature enables distributors worldwide to have an easier job when setting up required products.

“Varvel innovation” links new synergies worldwide: a trend towards the future that enabled the company to become a fit partner capable of overcoming the challenges of globalized economy thanks to the quality expressed through its range of gearboxes and variators as well as in the relationship with all of its stakeholders.

Varvel Corporate Video

Varvel Group has been designing and producing gearboxes and variators for small and medium power applications since 1955 and is present in more than 60 countries in all five continents.