The Varvel Group performs all strategic production processes in-house, including the machining of casings, worm shaft/wheel turning, gear cutting and grinding, etc., using the latest generation of machining centres, hobbers, lathes and grinders (Makino, Pfauter-Gleason, Liebherr, Toyota, Samp, Lizzini, Reishauer, Muratec, Leitstritz, etc).

Most controlled machines are served by robots and arranged in work islands capable of functioning overnight with no operator in attendance. In some cases, autonomy extends for the entire weekend.

Processo produttivo riduttori

Other operations are handled by trusted, specialist suppliers, many of whom have been working with the Varvel Group for over 10 years.

Rigorous quality checks on all in-house and outsourced processes play a fundamental role in ensuring that Varvel products conform to the strict standards that the company guarantees.

In addition to manual measuring instruments (gauges, comparators etc.) the Varvel Group also uses sophisticated instruments like a motorized 3D measuring machine for checking casings, an optical scanner for checking shafts, involute measuring machines for checking gears and worms, durometers and surface roughness meters, etc..

The assembled products are 100% inspected to check tightness and noise level regularly.

Produzione variatori di velocità