A socially responsible enterprise is an enterprise that considers all stakeholder’s interests (personnel, customers, suppliers, institutions, social communities, etc.) and the impacts its actions may have on economical, social and environmental level in defining its strategies, pinpointing principles and day-to-day management conduct.

Values set a number of guidelines affecting the conduct and actions of everyone in the enterprise. Varvel values are:

  • Transparency:
    establishing a mutual relationship of trust with external stakeholders in order to create solid and lasting business relations. Every operation has to be reported in a sustainability report, published yearly.
  • Correctness:
    choosing courses of action and strategies to achieve business goals aiming at the creation of a socially responsible environment with positive effects both within the company and in the market.
  • Honesty:
    choosing the ethics of responsibility in all conduct, always pursuing integrity and transparency in full observance of all laws.
  • Moderation:
    leading the Company with simplicity and moderation, avoiding ostentation or any other unjustified waste.
  • Respect:
    considering every individual for what he or she is, regardless of his/her business role, with full respect for personal opinions, experiences and ambitions, in order to foster the creation of a positive working atmosphere within the company.

With the intention of exercising its social commitment, in 2004 Varvel started a program of continued support to three non-profit organizations. Varvel, in fact, donates each organization two Eurocents for each product sold. This is a way to directly tie the ability and productivity of the company, and consequently its economic result, to the protection of the least fortunate.

The three non-profit organizations are:

  • UNICEF, United Nations Children's Emergency Fund
  • MSF, Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors without Borders
  • ANT, National Cancer Organization

As a whole, € 234,925.86 were donated for the period 2004 – 2016.